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Mission: 5 YEARS
Zen Hospice Project was a beautifully restored Victorian home in the heart of San Francisco pioneering the definition of hospice care. People entered the home as the last stop before dying. Dying was confronted head-on and holistically as a physical, mental and spiritual transition.

On Saturdays I volunteering (eventually graduated to part-time staff) in the kitchen cooking custom order meals up to 6 residents. Meals were tailored to dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Pictured above are all types of comfort meals I served to patients. Soups and ice cream were the most popular- as they are delicious and easy to enjoy!

I was in charge of scheduling, groceries or planning larger meals for the holidays. A majority of the time was spent managing the food logistics and an equally important component was providing an open space for patients and loved ones to confront death and dying. I found myself offering emotional and physical support for grieving loved ones.

The 5 years spent in a home with the dying helped cultivate strong listening skills and strengthened my empathy. Zen Hospice Project personally helped me live my life more intentionally.