Food Styling

Under the careful lead of Ether Ling, I’ve picked up a great appreciation for food photography on top of the usual food porn documentation pictures taken prior to eating out.… Read More →


Been extremely swamped. My current client: The Olympic Club has been an amazing learning experience. Playing Art Director is terribly fun and challenging. All in all having complete creative direction… Read More →


Just returned from a globetrot. I was gone for a month traveling in Thailand and India. Two weeks for each country. The one month excursion will serve as inspiration for… Read More →

Caroling through the night.

Slammed. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough. This is one of those times. I will leave you with my new favorite photo while volunteering with Zen Hospice Project.

oh, yeah yeah yeah.

Funny how when you give for giving’s sake the returns are unbelievable. Lately I have focused more of my energies volunteering more aggressively in the field of hospice. Zen Hospice… Read More →

Not enough.

Lately I have been mastering page layout through album design. Been riding the learning curve of subtle design that accents the photos while telling a story. A successful layout makes… Read More →