Food Styling
November 24, 2015

Under the careful lead of Ether Ling, I've picked up a great appreciation for food photography on top of the usual food porn documentation pictures taken prior to eating out. Food...

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August 1, 2014

Been extremely swamped. My current client: The Olympic Club has been an amazing learning experience. Playing Art Director is terribly fun and challenging. All in all having...

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Women Laughing Alone with Salad
July 31, 2014

So I decided to indulge in one of my random side projects. In fact, I even managed to pull on board one of my favorite photographers- Steve Davis. His specialty is landscape but...

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New Year, New Beginnings.
March 15, 2014

The last couple weeks I've been slowly hatching out the branding for 2 close friends. It's so nice to be the go-to designer person. Working with friends can sometimes be tricky...

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Tigers on a gold leash.
November 13, 2013

A lot of things in the works right now. In fact, Wasabimuffin is going international. But let's not talk count the eggs before they hatch. In the meantime I will share some more...

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I know gold is not enough.
September 24, 2013

Taking a tangent and turning crafty. All these DIY tutorials online look so approachable. Had to try one out for myself. Been photo transferring a couple times now. Kind of got...

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Summer winds.
September 3, 2013

Being plugging away on the digital design front. But alas no completed projects to share just yet. Feels great to be busy and working. Painting has taken a step back mostly due to...

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Between the two my life flows.
July 8, 2013

Hitting the painter's high after finishing this piece. For the first time since never did I feel a twinge of connection with the subject-matter. Probably has a lot to do with...

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Ten Tigers.
June 27, 2013

Received two free passes because work is slow. Much needed weekend mid-week to catch up on side projects. Painting has been put on hold to adjust to regular 10 - 6 pm schedule....

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What you seek is seeking you.
June 21, 2013

Clocking at least 45 hours a week. Most of the projects I'm working on is still in development so cannot be unveiled to the public just yet. But I promise they will be shared when...

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