Under the careful lead of Ether Ling, I’ve picked up a great appreciation for food photography on top of the usual food porn documentation pictures taken prior to eating out. Food styling is a skill set that requires problem solving an ever-shifting 3-dimensional form to be perfectly translated to 2-dimensional form: photography. To create the beautifully rendered, ┬ámouth drooling image requires a whole lot of planning and strategizing.

Food has a very tiny window in which all its ingredients look perfectly photogenic. Setting, propping, lighting, timing and possibly extending that ideal window is considered carefully. Props are essential to providing context. The photo studio at Specialty’s is packed with all types of cutting boards, cutlery, napkins, tiny glass bottles, weathered kitchen utensils, textiles and table top textures. It is an ever growing library of trinkets and colors.

Below are some behind the scenes photos