Been extremely swamped. My current client: The Olympic Club has been an amazing learning experience. Playing Art Director is terribly fun and challenging. All in all having complete creative direction is refreshing. The most fun has been the monthly magazine: The Olympian. The Olympian is a 40 page long standing tradition. It covers all sports accomplishments, fitness/wellness tips and administrative updates.

Below are the Behind the Scenes process from concept to execution.

July Cover: Softball
Inspired by another water balloon softball shoot, I took on the daunting task of shooting a similar shot. With the help of the Communications Department, light consultant (Ether Ling) and photographer (Michael Mustacchi) the shot actually turned out perfectly. Out of the 50+ taken, about 3 were usable. Catching the perfect split second was extremely difficult. Afterwards I post edited the shot with a more graphic feel. The intention was to convey action and power minus the literal water droplets. The cover shot paired with the feature article shot was well received by staff and members.


August: Swimming: US Olympic Swimmers: Nathan Adrian & Tony Ervin

Art directing the August issue was a dream. I had the pleasure of working with two US Olympic swimmers. They are every bit as surreal in person as in glossy magazines. This time we enlisted the photographer (Gene Choi). I worked with Gene how to execute the cover design and he came up with the aerial shot for the feature article. The post production required much more careful attention. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get most of the work done during the shot.

The most monumental effort of the August issue was the cover design. The membership at Olympic Club leans towards conservative design aesthetics. In fact, having a tattooed athlete on the cover in full view was already met with hesitation during production. To help further the Communication Department’s desire to bring newer design aesthetics, the design was executed verbatim from concept.