With the our impending transition to the digital world, print has finally met its match. For the first time print is challenged to evolve in new forms. Simply having a physical copy is not enough. It is far cheaper and more convenient to publish online. What does this mean for marketing and networking though?

Are business cards redundant? Brochures? Flyers? 

My latest initiative has been turning back the clock to revisit print. The business cards I recently printed were met with great enthusiasm. Print now has the challenge to taking advantage of its own medium. No more glossy mass produced shiny things. All that can be completed through the much more eco-friendly nature of the Internets. The web is a cheaper alternative to sharing information to the masses. And why not?

Honestly I think it is a beautiful thing to maximize print in all its glory. Personally I found myself wanting to design a card that didn’t simply share information but also creates a heavy, tangible presence that a website simply cannot do. For the first time I considered paper weight, embossing and letterpress. This type of care is commonly found within the context to weddings. Print has finally met its first competitor in a long time. I doubt it can ever be fully replaced.

“As long as human nature remains in our need to touch, hold and feel, print will also remain.”

It time for print to evolve.