Finished 2 acrylic paintings this past week. Feeling quite accomplished. I am now spending my time with my paints than my computer. A nice change of scenery.

Originally this painting was commissioned months and months ago. I had a couple study paintings followed by an execution of the final piece. About 3 -5 hours in I hated it. Absolutely hated it. A relationship developed between me and this cypress tree I despised. Every day for the next couple months I shunned it with absolutely disappointment. The “right” thing to do would be to work it out until all efforts were exhausted. However, I just stared it down wrestling if I should just abandon the topic matter altogether. The concept was never fully re-visited.

The day came when I decided I had hated the painting enough. I had officially given up. I flipped the wood panel over and started painting away. The energy kept rolling and rolling. It did not want to stop. It begged to be finished. Up to the afternoon I gave it to Lisa I was rounding out the trunks because they didn’t look just perfect. Not quite perfectly rounded.

The fattest truck was a little tricky. 

Relishing in the glow of finishing a finished painting- that sweet spot as a creative is a constant struggle to attain. And better yet for someone who effortlessly inspires me.