FInally did it. After years of procrastination just as print is about to be shoved out of existence I design my own business cards. Designing for myself is always the most daunting client. Just is never good enough. I promised myself I would design and print them a small batch. If I absolutely hated them within the next 6 months I could always print out a new batch.

Couldn’t be more pleased. (Try asking me 6 months from now.) A design that bridges who I am- a blend of Studio Art and Graphic Design. Having spent more than 75% of my life honing Studio Art skills it seems like a waste to abandon that trade. My drawing and painting skills are truly the foundation of my graphic design skills. The best part is the splash of color adds a personalized human touch business cards simply do not have.

On the back I flicked some bright green paint. Too much fun.


Best of all this all fits within my budget.
My dream business card…well…that’ll have to be another day.