Funny how when you give for giving’s sake the returns are unbelievable. Lately I have focused more of my energies volunteering more aggressively in the field of hospice. Zen Hospice has got a hold of my heart. The creative me is opening up through food. I’ve been on an ice cream binge, folding anything and everything into cream. The documentation process involves food photography or food porn.

Some of my favorites…

Green Bean Casserole | Made all from scratch from the mushroom cream, toasted crumbs to fried onions


Toasted Banana Ice Cream | Toasting the banana causes the sugars to caramelize.


Sweet Potato Ice Cream | Thanksgiving in your mouth.


Toasted Coconut Ice Cream | The rich vanilla with toasted coconut marries into blind happiness.

Melting ice cream is currently the bane of my existence. *ahem coconut ice cream* Mind you I am only armed with my kitchen manager’s Android camera phone. Photography probably will never be my medium of choice but I understand it enough to document my creative works.

The most unanticipated result is the gigs that are on my plate. I have inadvertently tapped into a new network of people through hospice/volunteering. Through word of mouth (the strongest in my experience) is coming through the door. Without looking for work, work is looking for me.