Wedding season!

Never thought I’d be roped in helping out a wedding. Never say never. My childhood friend, Jennifer, married her better half this past Friday. As part of the bridal party there was no way I could not donate my design efforts. My favorite pieceswould have to be the wedding favor.

Jennifer and I put our heads together to pass out seed balls for all the guests. Seed balls are exactly what it sounds like. It is a ball of mud and clay rolled with seeds in the center.  They perfect kind of ammo used to beautify and bomb empty negative spaces. We specifically chose native plants. It has been a recent tactic to reclaim unused grounds.



The seed ball recipe we used was courtesy of Heavy Petal.

It was surprisingly easy to assemble. Mind you we added this last minute project only a week before the wedding. We constructed, designed, and packaged the whole thing in one go. So happy it was so well received!