For the past 2 month I have been working on a corporate project with Visa. Yes, those guys. I hear they do something with travel. At least now I can say I’ve done the epitome of corporate.

My task has been to re-skin the internal site in time for London Olympics 2012. It’s been a surprisingly pleasant ride. As a contractor I can focus more on design, less on cutting through the red tape. With a company as large as Visa getting the green light from the right people is an on-going struggle. Thankfully a liaison is pushing my designs for me.

Website re-skin sneak peek!

This gig also has finally forced to me to pick up Flash. (Yes, I am fully aware it is now phasing out) Now I’m that guy. You know, the guy who creates the annoying, swirly, flashy banner ads. WOOSH! WOOSH! Buy now. No, buy yesterday. I can say with great confidence I can do that now.

On a more useful note I can create a Flash interactive map.

Wish I could share more of my work but alas client confidentiality is in effect. It’s for the internal site and Visa is so uptight with their information. Trust me, I’m doing amazing stuff.