I recently discovered the glory that is fiverr.com. Easily spent 2 hours browsing the wide range of services offered and bought. The most popular exchanges are personalized greetings through song/dance/voice acting or creative advertising. Fiverr is definitely an interesting social analysis of what people think $5.00 is worth. I must admit that a few of the services are far more satisfying than a Subway sandwich.

One lady on top of her craft would have to be Madmoo. She is responsible for the lovely new banner on my Homepage. She has mastered the art of stenciling shapes and words atop coffee froth. I could not asked for a better union of my two great loves: art + coffee.


She has honed her craft efficiently without losing personal touch. Madmoo takes care to shoot from several angles and solid color backdrops. My favorite touch is the cookies sitting quietly next to the cup. It probably helps those are my favorite biscuits. Suffice to say this is easily one of the best $5.00 purchases I have made that did not involve eating (directly).