Lately I have been mastering page layout through album design. Been riding the learning curve of subtle design that accents the photos while telling a story. A successful layout makes the photos look amazing even if they are terrible from the get go. Let’s so just say photography much as any other creative form is very subjective. I’ve flipped through enough wedding sets to realize that paid gigs does not equal good photographer. Paid photographer just means paid photographer.

I’ve been wrestling with Foto Fusion– a dubbed version of Indesign aimed specifically for design/scrap booking. This software targets less serious design-oriented clients who still want to design. Seeing as I learned the Adobe Creative Suite first, Foto Fusion hurts my brain. It’s very counter intuitive and uses a whole new set of vocabulary. The plus side is that its more simplified to navigate than Indesign. On the same note it doesn’t allow nearly as much versatility.

Anyhow, here is a sample album of what’s been on my plate. These are spreads, as in two pages facing each other. Imagine folding them in the middle like a book.┬áImages courtesy of Josh Lynn Photography. His photography definitely admirable. I love his use of remote flash.