My kind of perfect day.

Finally plowing through my laundry list of graphic novel, films, novels, ¬†art 21 dvds, and of course wine. It’s a relief to dive back between the pages.

Blankets by Craig Thompson started slow but picked up towards the middle. It recounts the itch to fit in(high school identity crisis) and recounts first love, the one who you can never forget. Craig tackles childhood memories, religious fervor, and self development very eloquently. Personally the conversation was a bit too preachy. He is narrating with 20/20 hindsight so I found it too wordy. The panels are crammed with textured background and religious passages. But still a worthwhile read for unique storytelling.

Inio Asano is one my personal favorite manga artists. The only things that saddens me about his work is how little he’s done. Solanin is his title I constantly recommend. In fact, my best friend has my copy right now. Not only is his drawing style simply beautiful but he can convey emotion and tone through his paneling. The dialogue is very secondary to his art. Solanin sits in a very special space in my heart. He successfully captures the emptiness of a wandering twenty-something. As desperate and lonely as the journey is to find our place in the world, the main characters finds solace in the mundane. Gives all twenty-somethings a warm blanket knowing many are lost too.

And finally, I’m about half-way through Maus by Art Spiegelman. It’s ranked as the Top 10 Must-read Comics. There is not mystery why. It is the retelling of the holocaust through the eyes of a survivor’s child. An interesting take. It was a refreshing for me to experience the Holocaust in another form other than history books with the giant statistics or grotesque photographs.